• hibiscus


Hibiscus Product Name
Hibiscus subdariffa Latin Name
Whole Flowers – slicesfine cut (TBC) Product Forms
From December to April Season Crop
All over the Year Availability time
Flowers // 5.5 MT per 20 FCL & 12 MT per 40 FCL (HC)

Slices// 10 MT per 20 FCL & 22 MT per 40 FCL (HC)

fine cut (TBC) //15 MT per 20 FCL & 25 MT per 40 FCL (HC)

Container Capacity 
– PP Bags with Liner plastic bags Packaging
its color is light red & dark red,

Its Egyptian & Sudan Origin and grown in south of Egypt Its Most uses for Drinking as tea as Its rich in vitamins A & C, and its very good for lowering blood pressure, and very common as a hot Drink  in cold nations as its help to have warmness.

Hibiscus is a genus of several hundred species in the mallow family that are native to tropical regions throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. This species is commonly called roselle in many parts of the world, but is also known as sorrel in the Caribbean and as Flor de Jamaica in Mexico.The large, showy blooms are a vibrant color on the stem and retain their color when dried. Alone or in combination with other dried herbs, flowers and spices, hibiscus flowers make colorful and flavorful teas.

used in cosmetic A strong infusion of the flowers will add warm highlights to darker hair colors.

decorativeUse in potpourri mixes and sachets. Culinary Add to tea blends and cocktails.

Popular usage like tea it is natural diuretic; it contains vitamin C and minerals, anti-inflammatory activities, lowers blood pressure, Studies have demonstrated the anti-hypertensive effects . sabdariffa in both humans and animals. Hibiscus tea also contains bioflavonoids, which are believed to help prevent an increase cholesterol